USA: Culture, People, Places

Hollywood, baseball, and apple pie. Whether you are getting ready for your next vacation or just want to learn a bit more about the “American way of life,” this course will foster your understandings of US culture. We will cover a variety of topics, including politics, sports, food, and media. You will be exposed to American radio and television shows and read articles from the US press. With an American native speaker as your instructor, you will improve your language skills, intercultural knowledge, and have some fun.

This course is appropriate for learners around the B2 level.

13 Abende, 13.09.2018 - 17.01.2019
Donnerstag, 17:45 - 19:15 Uhr

13 Termin(e)
Sara Elizabeth Sorce
Haupthaus, De-Lenoncourt-Straße 5, 66763 Dillingen, Raum: 1.1, 1. Etage
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